Coverage that protects your lifestyle.

Change is inevitable in life. The choices you make today can provide a brighter future for you and your family when the unexpected happens. We can’t predict when change will happen, but we can help you prepare for it when it does.

Our experienced professionals take the time to understand your needs. They bring bold thinking and years of experience to help you stay on top of regulations and economic trends and focus on your first priority – your family. From life insurance to Annuities, we have you covered.

Fixed Annuity

Annuities are a great option to consider if you’re looking for a secure, dependable stream of income as part of your retirement plan. Annuities can help you generate a lifelong stream income, save for retirement without the worry of market risk, and leave something to your family or a favorite charity after you pass.

Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement with Life Insurance

The death of a business owner may lead to internal turmoil. Using life insurance to fund a buy-sell agreement provides many advantages and protects your business in a time of severe need

Individual Life Insurance

You can’t put a dollar amount on your family, but you can ensure their future is protected. We can’t predict when the unexpected will happen, but we can help you prepare for it when it does.

Key Man Life Insurance

Key man life insurance can keep your business afloat in the event of the death of any employee who is an integral asset to the company’s survival. We’ll work with you to design coverage that helps assure continuity of your business for employees, customers and creditors.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance may be your best option if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time. We’ll help prepare you for the unexpected.

Long Term Disability Insurance

Serious illnesses or accidents can come out of nowhere. They can interrupt your life, and your ability to work for months – even years. We’ll make sure you have financial support to manage your disability and your household.