Flood Insurance

By October 7, 2017 May 29th, 2018 Personal Insurance, Specialty Insurance
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Things you may not know about a flood insurance policy

Do I need a flood insurance policy if I live by a body of water in Pittsburgh? Does my homeowners insurance cover damage from water? Does it matter what water sources the damage came from?

Beynon & Co. Insurance agent Robert Heinle is here to answer these questions for you!

If you live near a river, creek, ocean, or lake, you should definitely look into getting flood insurance. But what if you don’t? Unusual or rapid overflow from from rain or runoff may occur at any time.  Flood damage may not be covered with your homeowners insurance policy, but it may be if you have a flood insurance policy. Plan ahead to help protect the house you’ve worked hard to make your home. Find out more in this video:


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